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Tournament Information

Just a few kids enjoying the Yamboree!

Last year we had 30 teams, 300 hockey players and a lot of fun and smiles. Our cross ice mite tournament has become one of the largest mite tournaments in the state. We have teams from Vermont, New Hampshire and New York that a attend year after year.

Our goal is to provide travel mites and house mite level players, coaches, and families with their very own tournament that will make for the best memories of the season. Our staff makes sure we have great competition, thoughtful scheduling, great prizing and attention to detail that is second to none. 

All players will receive a souvenir and the top two teams receive a medal and a trophy.  We will have T'shirts for sale again this year as they were a big hit last year.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an invitational tournament for mite teams with comparable ability to compete favorably. Any misrepresentation of a team's level of play AKA: Tournament team, Select or Elite - will be met with blacklisting from future tournaments. The primary goal of this tournament is to have fun, not win trophies. X-Ice teams should be a cross-section of Major/minor players and ability.

We also teamed up with the Courtyard Williston this year with a special group rate for Friday night for families that want to stay in the area..  $85.00 per night. Below you will find the reservation link families can use to make online reservations. You will need to book your rooms by 11/15/2016

Book your group rate for EYHA Tournament

There will be a $5 weekend pass good for the weekend for anyone 12 or older.
Coaches will not have to pay.

Rick Villamil –Tournament Director
Essex Youth Hockey Association


Registration is Closed.

Contact Rick Villamil to be placed on a waiting list.

EYHA Tournament Directors Message

Welcome to the 8th Annual Essex Youth Hockey Thanksgiving Yamboree. Our tournament committee welcomes all players, team officials, referees and spectators with a special welcome. We sincerely appreciate the participation of ALL teams that travel to attend our X-Ice Mite Yamboree.

We truly hope that all the players, coaches and parents will have an enjoyable time at the event and when the Yamboree is over, everyone will travel safely home, with memories that will be treasured forever. Hopefully, new friendships will be made, and previous ones renewed.

We will again this year have a full snack bar throughout the tournament. We will be also have gift baskets for families to raffle on and T-shirts for the kids to purchase and much more.  We could not hold this tournament without your programs attending. We can’t thank you enough for attending an making this one of the biggest X-Ice mite tournaments in the state.  

I would personally like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to all of our tournament volunteers. Through consistent hard work, level of commitment and perseverance, each and every one of you have made this year’s Yamboree a significant life-enhancing element of our personal lives and provided a wonderful and strong sense of social cohesion in our own community. I know for a fact the players, coaches and families that attend will see the passion and the hard work that is being spent on this year’s Yamboree.   

A special thank you is once again extended to the Mount Mansfield Boys’ Varsity Hockey Program whose mission is to provide assistance for a variety tasks throughout the tournament. They often score games, help with bumpers and run the score clock when needed. We truly depend on former EYHA players and local high school athletes to help and I could not be more proud of the help they provide year after year.

We also appreciate the continued support of ALL our community sponsors. I am real proud to live and be a part of such a great community.


Good Luck to everyone, have a great Yamboree, and most of all have fun with the kids and I will see you all at the rink!

Rick Villamil –Tournament Director
            Essex Youth Hockey Association



Essex Youth Hockey is hosting our 2nd Annual Street Hockey Tournament at Essex High School in downtown Essex Vermont on August 6th and 7th.

EYHA is excited to bring hockey to the streets of Essex…and we want you to be there by forming a team and taking on challengers from all around Vermont.

The tournament will be divided into separate age groups, weather you’re a kid in a beginner program or played through High School, we have a place for you. The day-long tournament will take place at the Essex Rink and the parking lot next to the track. Bring the family because we’ll have food, games, music and much more throughout the day.

Each team will be comprised of five players participating in 3-on-3 game play (three players & one goalie on the court at a time and one sub). EYHA will provide the nets, boards (Hay), and officials, while it is up to the teams to provide sticks and approved goalie equipment.

The competition will feature a round robin-style schedule, culminating in a single game elimination playoff. Teams will be placed in the following age groups: U8, 10U, 12U, 14U, U16, 18U. To ensure good competition and a manageable schedule, we may place a cap on the number of teams in each age group.


1. It will be a 3 versus 3 street hockey tournament; each team may have up to 4 players and a goalie (5 players total) on their official roster. No double rostering!

2. After a team scores, the ball will be removed from the net to begin play again (no face-off). The team that was scored on must stand next to or behind their own net with the ball and wait for the referee to blow the whistle. This whistle will indicate the ball is “live.”

3. A five-foot “safe zone” is granted to the team who was scored on and is re-entering the ball into play.

4. Only two face-offs throughout the game; one to start each half.

5. If a ball leaves the playing surface, a new ball will be immediately thrown into the rink by the timekeeper and considered “live.”

6. 2-12 Minute Halves; with run clock. A time keeper will be situated at the center table.

7. No time outs for either team.

8. Players will change on the fly. No more than three players and a goalie are allowed on the surface at a time.

9. Most ice hockey penalties will be called; there will be a list of our penalties at the scorer’s table of each rink.

10. All penalties will be granted a penalty shot. The ball is “live” if a goal is not scored.

11. Fighting will not be tolerated. All Fights will result in an automatic tournament ejection.

12. There will be no icing or off-sides during this tournament.

13. Gloves & Helmets with a full face mask must be worn by all players. Otherwise it is up to the player to decide what he/she is comfortable wearing for other equipment. We’d advise knee pads, mouth guards.

            14. Each player will need to sign a waiver to play in the tournament.


We will have on-line registration available soon. The registration per team is $125. We will provide an on-line option for registration and we will also have a PDF registration form that can be mailed into EYHA.

Each player will need a current 2016-2017 USA Hockey registration number. NOTE**If you do not play hockey or have a USA Hockey number, you can just fill out the below form to play in the tournament.

We will also need the below form filled out by each player, each player will need to check in prior to the first game and provide the below waiver of liability of release form.


Our online registration is now live....The registration Deadline is July 31, 2016. We expect this to fill up real fast. Please don't wait, build a team and register today! click the link to go to our online registration.

Below is the PDF registration form for those who want to mail in a check.

*Please note if you do not have a team, and want to play, please contact Mike Smith and we will get you on a team.