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Essex Sting Girls Hockey

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New to Hockey?

Any girl can try hockey at any time. It is not a sport you must start at a young age to enjoy success.  In fact, many girls start as late as middle school.  If you are thinking of trying out hockey as your next new winter sport, this video link has EYHA girls talking about what it's like to try hockey for the first time!

What the girls have to say about Girls Hockey:

"I like the competitiveness, the drive and the entire team being like a family together"

"I like Girls Hockey because it is really fun"

"I like it because my teammates are nice"

"I like that I can mess up and know my teammates won't yell and get mad"

"I like Girls Hockey because it is really fun and it's a great way to meey new people. Everyone is really nice and fun to be around"

"I like Girls Hockey because there are no boys"

"Girls Hockey is Awesome!"

"I love that in Girls Hockey I have a team that will help and encourage me"

"I love the spirit and the friendship"

If you don't know Girls Hockey, you don't know what you are missing!

Warning, Warning, Warning:

Participating in Girls Hockey may result in serious fun!

Lets face it, boys invented it... and girls have perfected it.