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I hear hockey is a “crack of dawn” sport, is that true?

Not Girls Travel Hockey.  Practices are weekdays, usually in the early evening.  Games are rarely before 8:30 in the morning, and often in the middle of the day.  

We’re a ski family, won’t hockey mean the end of family skiing/riding?

It depends on how much and when you like to ski. Most weekends have two hockey games and sometimes they are on the same day, leaving one weekend day available for a trip to the mountain. In addition, Girls hockey does not include games over the Christmas holiday and it’s over by mid-winter vacation. The best snows come in February and March after the hockey season ends.  A long answer, but it’s possible to do both, and many families do!

How Expensive is it?

Hockey has a reputation for being expensive but it's actually a sport with a lot of value in that cost.  If you were to average out the amount of time your child is on the ice (typically 4 hours/week including games) and compare the average hourly value of hockey to other sports, you’d probably find it’s not so out of line.  It is also common practice to pay your registration fee first, and then spread out the balance of the travel cost at three payment intervals; that helps keep the expense within your budget. As far as equipment costs go, there’s plenty of used equipment to be had.

What is a travel program?

The majority of the games are within an hours drive of Essex. Most are at home ice or in Chittenden County. There are 1 or 2 out of state tournaments.

What can we expect as a family having our daughter participate in the program?

You will build an extended family that actively participates in the excitement of your daughters experience, carpooling and friendships for life.

When and Where are Practices?

Girls hockey practices, depending upon the age group, are usually after 5:30pm two nights/week and finished by 8:30pm.  Practices are between 45 minutes and 75 minutes.Practices are mostly held at the Essex rink, but we also use the Waterbury rink occasionally.

When are the Games?

Games are on the weekend. Sometimes one on Saturday and one on Sunday; sometimes two on one day.  Sometimes three in a weekend, but not often.

Why should my daughter play Girls hockey?

There are so many good reasons. It is universally understood that girls who play on girls teams have a wholly more positive experience, tend to stay with the sport longer, build greater self esteem, are more comfortable playing the game and therefore enjoy it more, and establish great long term friendships with their teammates.