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The EYHA Board members would like to welcome all our new and returning hockey families.


While priority will be given to players within our EYHA communities (Essex, Essex Junction, Westford, Bolton, Jericho, Huntington, Richmond, Underhill) AND those who have previously played for EYHA, registration of NEW players from outside our borders will be contingent upon approval of the EYHA Executive Board.  



  • The NewBees is our entry-level program primarily for children between 4 and 7 years of age. 
  • The program focuses on the fundamentals of skating in a supportive and fun environment.
  • The program runs for one-hour on Saturday mornings at the Essex High School rink from November through February.
  • The cost for the NewBees program is $200. You can pay in full now, or pay $50 upon registration and then $150 will be paid 10/31/2023.
  • Each participant receives a team jersey at no additional charge and is theirs to keep.


  • The EYHA House Program is a skill development program designed to teach the fundamentals of ice skating and the game of hockey in a fun and supportive environment.  
  • All groups are co-ed, and all ages play together.
  • The program will run on both weekend mornings at the Essex High School rink from November through February
  • The cost for the House program is $300. You can pay in full now, or pay $50 upon registration and then $250 will be paid 10/31/2023
  • Each participant receives a team jersey at no additional charge and is theirs to keep.


  • Evaluation process for team selection (dependent upon team numbers)
  • 2-3 practices per week / weekday evenings
  • 1-2 games per weekend (travel generally within VT)
  • 1-2 Tournaments per season (generally within the Northeast) - please see Tournaments section below for more infomation
    • 8U Coed & Girls – ages 6-8 birth years 2015-2017
    • 10U Coed & Girls – ages 9-10 birth years 2013-2014
    • 12U Coed & Girls – ages 11-12 birth years 2011-2012
    • 14U Coed & Girls – ages 13-14 birth years 2009-2010


  • In 23-24, the Tier 2 option will be offered at the 12U coed level based on anticipated registrations. Additional tiering of age groups will be determined based upon registration and evaluations.
  • Teams will be selected through the evaluation process based on skills, dedication to improvement, and the ability to commit to the program. 
  • Tier 2 tryouts will occur in early September.
  • From mid-October through early March, hockey should be the “first sport.”  Families commit to attending two practices and one advanced skills session each week. 
  • In addition to our Vermont competition, travel may include games in New Hampshire, New York, Canada and may include playing more than two games per weekend. 
  • Additional $200 fee for Tier 2 (due upon acceptance of placement on T2 team


Essex Youth Hockey is excited to announce that we will again be offering a full season 18U Team. The season will run from December to March beginning after high school tryouts and include 2-3 practices per week at local rinks, 1-2 games per weekend and 2 Tournaments.  The registration for this will stay open through the end of November to catch any players that may not make the high school teams.


This year in order to create flexibility and to give our players the opportunity for additional skill sessions, we have created “Early Fall Skills” and “In-Season Advanced Skills”. These sessions will be coordinated by our Director of Player Development and will be staffed by EYHA and local guest coaches. 2009-2015 birth-year players are eligible as well as 2016 birth-year players who are entering their 2nd year of 8U travel.

  • Early Fall Skills: Sunday nights from 8/27-10/15; 8 sessions total; Goaltenders are free (select goaltender during registration); Cost: $75
  • In-Season Advanced Skills:  Weeknights in-season starting week of 10/23 through the end of the regular hockey season; minimum of 18 sessions; Players enrolled in these sessions will also be invited to *bonus* sessions (up to 7), as ice is available, over school breaks. Goaltenders are free (select goaltender during registration); Cost: $150


We are pleased to announce that EYHA has secured a Grow The Game Grant from VSAHA that provides quick change goalie gear for all 8U teams along with training for EYHA coaches on how to better incorporate goalie-specific drills into regular practices. This will give EYHA the ability and training to grow our goalie program. 

In recognition of the pivotal role that goalies play in our association and acknowledging the additional costs often incurred for specialized equipment and instruction, EYHA has determined that full-time goalies at 12U, 14U, and 18U levels will have their fees waived. 

Committed Goalies at the 10U level will receive a 50% reimbursement at the end of the season.



NEW THIS YEAR: As part of the 2023-2024 registration fee, each Travel 10U, 12U, 14U player will receive a new set of practice jerseys. There will be a white and a blue jersey with the new EYHA logo.  Players must wear EYHA official practice jerseys for all EYHA practice and skill sessions as they are considered the mandatory practice uniform. Practice jerseys aid coaches with practice planning while displaying the EYHA team spirit and fostering unity within teams.

NewBees, House and 8U will receive a single practice Jersey as we split the players into different groups based on abilities at each level.

8U -10U -12U -14U Coed and Girls are required to have an EYHA reversible game jersey and game socks.  These items will be available to purchase during registration for all NEW travel players and returing players who may need to order a new size.  Please do your best to pick the correct size for your child keeping in mind the jersey and socks are reversible and will fit differently than the single jerseys. 

We are hoping to plan a day to have players meet at the rink prior to the season to try on the jerseys so we don't have to reorder if the incorrect size is picked. 



We are actively seeking out-of-state tournament opportunities for Travel teams.  Registration fee includes one (1) tournament per Travel team. Additional tournament opportunities are available at the discretion of (and paid for by) each individual Travel team.



This year due to early registration we are giving everyone the option to pay in full or to split the payments as seen on the chart below. If you choose the payment plan, please make sure that you have the funds available on the dates listed.  If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please email Jennifer Villamil at the Registrar email below.

Please note, the 12U T2 team will be determined after evaluations. If you are selected and accept the invitation for this team, there will be an extra fee of $200 due upon your confirmation.  See more details below.



LEVEL OF PLAY *REGISTRATION **ACCEPTANCE FEE 9/30/23 10/31/23 11/30/23 1/31/24 TOTAL
NewBee $50   0 $150 0 0 $200
House $50   0 $250 0 0 $300
Travel 8U Coed $199   $199 $199 $199 $199 $995
Travel 8U Girls $199   $199 $199 $199 $199 $995
Travel 12U T2 Coed $239 $200 $239 $239 $239 $239 $1395
Travel 10U, 12U, 14U Coed $239   $239 $239 $239 $239 $1195
Travel 10U, 12U, 14U Girls $239   $239 $239 $239 $239 $1195
Travel 18U $500 0   0 0 $500 $1000

* Registration fee is non-refundable;  Any Add-On fees (game jerseys, game socks, skills sessions) will be charged at time of registration

** Acceptance Fee for T2 will be charged on an individual basis by invitation only


We appreciate all those who support Essex Youth Hockey, and we look forward to seeing you on the ice again this season.


The EYHA Board of Directors


Registration is a two-step process.  Please follow the directions listed below. 

Step 1 - Go to the USA Hockey website and register your player(s). USA Hockey / VSAHA fees vary but birth year. Remember to save your confirmation number, you will need it for Step 2 of the registration process. 



          2017 - Younger                        $15.00
          2016 - 2015


          2014 - 2011                          $61.00
          2010 - 2005


          2004- Older                        $46.00


This is a sample confirmation number from the USA Hockey registration system.

Confirmation #: 218002129PLAYR

Step 2 - Complete the EYHA registration process using the link below.


Contact the EYHA Registrar with any questions or registration issues.

Jennifer Villamil

EYHA Registrar