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2020-2021 Registration and Travel Fees

EYHA 2020-2021 Fees

All players intending to play with Essex Youth Hockey for any program (Newbee, House or Travel) must first register with USA Hockey.  The fee for registering with USA Hockey is $46 which includes a $5 Vermont State Amateur Hockey Association fee.  (Players with a birth year of 2014 or younger are not charged the $46 fee).

House Program Fees:

House program participants only pay the one time fee below:

Newbee:  $100

House:  $220

Travel Program Fees: In addition to the registration fee below, travel program participants pay the following travel fees:

Travel U8 and U8 Girls:  $810

Travel U10, U10 Girls, U12, U12 Girls, U14, U14 Girls:  $960


Registration Fees: Travel program participants can only pay through a payment plan of 5 equal payments throughout the season. 

Travel U8 and U8 Girls:  $162

Travel U10, U10 Girls, U12, U12 Girls, U14, U14 Girls:  $192

18U Preseason $238

Payment Schedule: The dates for the travel program payment plans are as follows:

Payment Date               Travel U8             All other Travel

Time of Registration        $162                         $192

September 30th               $162                         $192

October 30th                    $162                         $192

November 30th                $162                         $192

January 15th                    $162                         $192

Total                                 $810                         $960


Practice Jerseys & Game Socks- 

Practice Jerseys for U10, U12 and U14 travel are required. If you need them, you will need to purchase at registration.  If others want to purchase, you can as well at time of registration.

Game Socks for all travel programs are required and you will need to purchase at time of registration. 

Travel Jerseys - All Travel Players must purchase a home and away jersey ($92/pair).  Payment for the Jersey will be collected at the time of registration.  These jerseys may be reused in subsequent seasons. 

Goalie Payments: U14 goalies (must have their own equipment) will receive a fixed discount in the amount $300. U12 goalies that have a full set of their own equipment and play in goal full time will also receive a fixed discount in the amount $300. *Note goalie discounts are given at the end of the season. 

Any U14 goalies that makes a high school team and discontinues play will not be eligible.  

VPA Dual Roster Policy: U14 players that make a HS team but wish to remain on an EYHA roster are responsible for travel payments as scheduled. No discounts or refunds are awarded.

U14 HS Policy: Players that make a HS team and elect to discontinue play with EYHA (including state and regional tournaments) will be responsible for registration fees and 40% of travel payments.  A refund will be provided for 60% of travel fees.

Payment Policies:

NGIN Transaction Fees:  NGIN registration payment system charges registrants 2.75% +$1.00 per transaction fee (from NGIN) for online Credit / Debit card processing.  This is required for each payment processed through the EYHA website and not included in the payment amount.

Example 1: Travel program members that select the payment plan will pay $1 at registration and $1 for each of the 4 travel payments at the time of each payment.

Example 2:  Newbee, House and Travel participants who decide to pay all fees in a single payment will pay a single $2 transaction fee.

Late / Cancelled Payments: There is a $25 charge for late or cancelled payments.  Please ensure all payments are on-time and credit or debit cards used for online payments are valid through the final January 15th, 2020 payment..

"No-pay no-play" policy: EYHA has a "no pay no play policy". Nonpayment of a late fee or travel installment will prevent a player from participating in practices, games and the State Tournament.

Special Arrangements: Please contact the treasurer directly for any special payment needs (ie alternative payment plans) - see contact section of Board Members.

All fee questions or concerns should be directed to Frank Parisi, Treasurer.

18U Pricing and Fee Schedule:

A.     Pre-season (starts mid-October)

All players will be required to register with USA Hockey and pay registration fees.  The program includes approximately twelve on ice sessions between mid-October and HS try-outs (Thanksgiving 2019).

Pre-season only cost: $238
All 18U players who play before HS starts must pay the pre-season fee, register with USAH and sign-up through the EYHA online registration system.  18U players who continue on the winter teams (see regular season below) pay additional fees.

B.     Regular Season   (Starts immediately after HS teams are announced)

Program cost ($495) if paid in full at the time of registration or a payment plan as follows:

Registration Fee $275 due at registration

One travel payment of $220 due December 30th.