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Brattleboro - Withington

Name: Withington Skating
Address: Living Memorial Park, Brattleboro, VT 05302
Manager: Jason Teft
Phone: 802-257-2311
Home For: Brattleboro

89 s to 91 s to exit 2. Take right of ramp on rt9 west, aprox 1/10 mile take left over covered bridge. Take first right into living memorial park. Rink is half way up hill. ( cold rink )

I'd add some remarks to the directions to the Withington Rink in Brattleboro, since in the dark it's hard to spot the "covered bridge" to make the left turn off Rt 9 West. First, the left turn is just after a Texaco station. Next, the turn is onto "Bridge St", although the sign is also hard to spot. Finally, when you've made the turn, it's useful to know that the bridge is single-lane, so you may have to take turns with opposing traffic. -- Paul Wheeler