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Boston - Fleet Center

Boston Fleet Center

Boston, MA
Address : ???, Boston, MA
Phone : ???

Directions from Vermont.
The final part of these directions will change from time to time as a result of ongoing construction on or near the central artery in Boston. Regardless, you will be able to see the Fleet Center once you get off I-93 and should be able to negotiate your way there by sight if the directions change.

So, take I-89 south to I-93 south to Boston. As you enter the city limits, you will be on an elevated sections of highway which merges from several lanes of traffic. Stay to the right and take the Storrow Drive Exit. Take the ramp to the bottom (The Fleet Center will be on your left as you make the turn down the off-ramp). When you get to the bottom stay to the right instead of going into the tunnel which is straight ahead. At the intersection, go right at which point the road will twist and turn due to construction. You will then hit what appears to be a dead end which forces you to turn left onto a One Way street. Go about 10 yards and take a left. Then, go straight ahead and down the ramp to Fleet Center parking.

Don't forget to pay with your stub inside as you pay on your way out, before going back into the garage area. These directions are form someone who grew up in the area and moved to Vermont. It's a lot better up here to say turn left at the red barn or 'ya can't get thea from heah, ahyah!